PVC Decks: Ottawa Homeowners Love Them, and Here’s Why

For months, every night while you washed dishes at the sink and looked out into the yard, wishing winter away, you imagined that decaying square of cement as something else, a deck, where you can read a magazine while the kids jump on the trampoline or share a bottle of wine with your friends. Wouldn’t that be nice? This year, you tell yourself, you’re going to get that deck built.

And you think you’ve settled on one of those PVC decks that everyone this side of the St. Lawrence seems to have, but is PVC decking right for you?

Rather than rolling through a list of features about the decking material itself, we thought we’d help you determine if you’d like the kind of PVC decks Ottawa homeowners seem to love so much based on you and your lifestyle.

PVC decking might be the right for you if:

You’ve got kids, pets or both

Like a lot of things you own, decks can be put to the test over time by little two and four-legged creatures. Hockey stick nicks here. Claw scratch marks there. Red food- colouring in the bubble mixture experiment gone wrong here. Over time, it’s easy to tell if wooden deck has been a playground for Bailey or the boys. But not so for PVC decks.

Made purely out of plastic, Ottawa PVC decking is the most durable, wipeable deck material available today. That means it’s designed to resist just about anything, including science projects and short-tempered furry friends who want in.

You like to entertain

Because of its built-to-last synthetic structure, PVC decks are often recommended to homeowners who do a lot of entertaining. If your deck experiences a high volume of traffic over the summer, the wear just won’t show on PVC decks, which look just about brand new often for decades.

You want to maximize your time outdoors during summer

Let’s face it: Ottawa summers are good, but they’re short. You want a deck you can lounge and dine on with friends and family, basking in ever hint of sunlight while it lasts. You don’t want to spend every few summers re-staining a wooden deck. If you’re more of a relax in the shade with your novel kind of gal, that’s how you should spend time with your deck.

With PVC decks, there’s no sanding, no staining, no painting. Just a luxuriously smooth and beautiful surface to host your new lounger.

You’re going to be in Ottawa for a while

Blizzards, freezing rain, ice, and five feet of snow—these are just some of the winter conditions we experience here in Ottawa. PVC decks, also known as ‘plastic decks’ or ‘vinyl decks’ are built to stand up to even the toughest Ottawa winters.

They’re waterproof and resist everything from staining and fading to mold and mites.

You’ve got a green conscience

If you’re the type who is always looking to do your part for Mother Earth, you’ll be happy to know you can find PVC decking partially composed of recycled plastic material.

When you’re looking for Ottawa PVC decks so you can enjoy all the benefits of a lifeproof deck, contact the deck experts at Empire Deck & Fence. We’re happy to take the time to help you choose just the right deck material for your lifestyle and your budget. Book your consultation.

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